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[edit] Construction details

p5E-UAS was made by conventionally subcloning into p5E-MCS a HindIII-EcoRI fragment from pBUAS-E1b-RFP from Reinhard Köster, containing multimerized Gal4 upstream activating sequence (UAS) elements, followed by an adenovirus E1b TATA box and then by a piece of the carp beta-actin 5' UTR.

While the source construct nominally contained a 14x UAS element (originally made by Pernilla Rorth), sequencing shows that p5E-UAS only contains 10x UAS elements. Presumably there was an internal rearrangement that shed 4 UAS elements; it is not clear whether had already happened in the UAS-E1b construct, or whether it occurred in the Chien lab.

Functional tests of constructs using this element show strong activation by Gal4.

[edit] Sequence

Annotated sequence, Genbank format:
p5E-UAS Genbank

FASTA file with the full-length sequence as well as sequences of individual components:
p5E-UAS sequence

[edit] Crude map

Screenshot from Sequencher showing locations of components:

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