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[edit] Construction details

p5E-h2afx was made by PCR amplification of 1 kb genomic DNA immediately upstream of the start codon of h2afx (NM_201073), using primers that added att sites, followed by a BP reaction. This genomic element was originally isolated by John Parant in Joe Yost's lab. Sequencing confirms that the insert is correct, although there are numerous single-base changes compared to the Sanger genomic sequence (presumably representing SNPs).

Expression data for this gene from the Thisses (see ZFIN) that shows that h2afx is expressed throughout the embryo in presumptive proliferative regions.

[edit] Sequence

Annotated sequence, Genbank format:
p5E-h2afx Genbank

FASTA file with the full-length sequence as well as sequences of individual components:
p5E-h2afx sequence

[edit] Crude map

Screenshot from Sequencher showing locations of components:

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